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Lucky Cat Natural Bamboo Chopsticks Japanese Style Gift 5 Pairs Sets

Lucky Cat Natural Bamboo Chopsticks Japanese Style Gift 5 Pairs Sets

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  • Size: 22.5cm
  • Color: Colorful
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Style: Japanese Cartoon style
  • Brand: Choptool
  • Number of Sets: 5
  • Pattern: Lucky Cat

The design style of this chopstick is Japanese design, Simple ins style lucky cat pattern, let people put it down, suitable for various occasions, whether household use or restaurant use, they all look great.

The chopsticks have smooth lines, comfortable hand feeling, light and easy to hold, and can be used for a long time without tiring hands, And the non-slip design makes it easy to pick up food.

Healthy natural bamboo chopsticks, reusable, easy to clean, burr-free and non-stick, not easy to mildew, can use for years. Compared to disposable chopsticks, this is a very good choice.

Chopsticks are commonly used in many Asian cultures, and they can be used to eat a wide variety of foods, including:

Rice - Chopsticks are commonly used to pick up small portions of rice and bring them to the mouth.

Noodles - Whether it's ramen, soba, or udon, chopsticks are perfect for picking up and eating noodles.

Dumplings - Whether steamed or fried, chopsticks are an excellent tool for picking up and dipping dumplings.

Vegetables - Chopsticks are great for picking up small pieces of vegetables, such as broccoli or green beans.

Seafood - Chopsticks can be used to pick up sushi rolls, sashimi, and other types of seafood.

Tofu - Chopsticks are a great tool for picking up small pieces of tofu, which is often used in Asian cuisine.

Meat - Although it can be a bit tricky, chopsticks can be used to pick up small pieces of meat, such as thinly sliced beef or chicken.

Fruits - While it's not as common, chopsticks can be used to pick up small pieces of fruit, such as grapes or blueberries.


Made of superior bamboo, healthy bamboo chopsticks, no paint, no wax


Dishwasher safe, wash in warm water and dry, keep ventilated and protect from direct sunlight


1.Processing time: 2-3 business days.

2.It usually takes 10-15 business days for items to arrive at your side.

3.Shipping worldwide!

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Easy to use

This pair of chopsticks can be used to eat all Asian food, such as sushi, ramen, noodles, or fried rice, or if you want, you can also use them to eat french fries or chicken popcorn, You can even wear it on your travels, clean and hygienic, and taste the world's delicacies, it is so wonderful!