Which NBA Player Is The Best at Using Chopsticks?

Which NBA Player Is The Best at Using Chopsticks?

Have you seen Curry or James eat with chopsticks?
Curry uses chopsticks
For NBA players, they come to China for business activities on the one hand, and to experience Chinese culture on the other hand. Curry has successfully completed his trip to China recently, and in this trip to China, he ate hot pot right after he got off the plane. Judging from the picture of Curry eating hot pot, he is already very skilled in using chopsticks, at least He can use the chopsticks correctly and finish pickling dishes.
Ariza with chopsticks
In fact, in addition to Curry, there are some NBA players who can easily use chopsticks. As Yao Ming's teammate, Ariza has also been to China, and he is also very skilled in using chopsticks. When Ariza eats instant noodles, even though there are forks in the instant noodles, he just doesn't use forks, but uses chopsticks instead. Judging from the picture, he has no sense of disobedience when using chopsticks. He must have tried many times in private, and he is also very down-to-earth.
McGrady with chopsticks
Of course, as Yao Ming's good partner McGrady, he will definitely use chopsticks. Even in front of the camera, Yao Ming has taught McGrady to use chopsticks many times, and he often takes McGrady to eat Chinese food. However, for McGrady, using fast speed seems to be more difficult than shooting. He also accidentally dropped the dumpling on the table when he was eating dumplings.
james with chopsticks
In addition to the Rockets players, James is also very skilled in using chopsticks. Because as the first player in the league, it is inevitable for him to come to China to hold a China tour. Although James holds chopsticks with his left hand, he is very skilled, and it seems that he is even better than McGrady.
Marbury with chopsticks
The player who knows how to use chopsticks most is definitely Marbury. Marbury has played in the CBA for several seasons, and his proficiency in using chopsticks is no different in China.

Harden uses chopsticks

Harden uses bamboo chopsticks in his left hand: The star of the Rockets, Harden personally tasted Chinese food during a trip to China. From the gesture of Harden holding the chopsticks, it feels that Harden is not a novice, but a veteran, and it feels like he has used it for many years. It is worthy of inheriting the fine tradition of the Rockets for many years.

Anthony with chopsticks

This is during the Beijing Olympics. The two played with the national team in the Olympics. This is a group photo of Anthony and Paul having lunch. What's more interesting is that the clothes they wear have pictures of rap faces. The two used The chopsticks are also very interesting. Anthony picked up the chopsticks and picked up the food high, but he didn't pay any attention to Paul's feelings next to him. Paul looked helpless and watched the food fall to the ground while holding the chopsticks.

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