What Chopsticks Are The Most Healthy and Easy to Use

What Chopsticks Are The Most Healthy and Easy to Use

Chopsticks are the same as other tableware, the most important thing is the material used. If the material used is not safe enough, then no matter what we do, it may affect our health. As the saying goes, disease comes from the mouth, we are choosing chopsticks Be extra cautious when doing it.
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1. Bamboo chopsticks, this kind of chopsticks are the most used chopsticks in China. The overall hand feeling is relatively light, and it is not slippery. The important thing is that bamboo is a renewable resource, and the growth rate is very fast, so there is no need to worry about it. destroy trees. Have you noticed that fast food chopsticks are generally made of bamboo?
Bamboo chopsticks

2. Mahogany chopsticks. Many precious mahogany (such as red sandalwood, etc.) are more expensive than gold. Precious mahogany is often used to make bracelets and other accessories and furniture. It is also used to make chopsticks. Give as a gift.

3. Silver chopsticks. In ancient times, emperors used this kind of silver chopsticks when eating, because they can detect whether food is toxic. Compared with other chopsticks, silver chopsticks feel heavier and slippery, but they are easy cleaning.
Silver chopsticks

4. All-ceramic chopsticks are non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving. The chopsticks developed by the new material nano-zirconium bone have fine luster, exquisite workmanship, high strength, no deformation when exposed to high temperatures, smooth surface, no bacteria remaining, and easy cleaning (suitable for washing. Bowl machine) and disinfection, when in use, it feels good and does not slip when holding food.
ceramic chopsticks

5. Plastic chopsticks, a kind of chemical product, are bright in color, beautiful and cheap, but plastic chopsticks are not suitable for high-temperature sterilization.
Plastic chopsticks

6. Stainless steel chopsticks are similar to silver chopsticks. Stainless steel chopsticks have the characteristics of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. When buying stainless steel chopsticks, you must look for the food grade 304 or 316 logo. All may affect our safety.
stainless steel chopsticks

Disinfection and maintenance of chopsticks
No matter what kind of chopsticks are made of, we usually need to disinfect them regularly in addition to cleaning, otherwise there will still be some bacteria in the chopsticks that we cannot see with the naked eye, which will affect our health.

In terms of disinfection, what we need to consider is whether the chopsticks will be deformed and whether harmful substances will be dissolved in the case of high-temperature disinfection.

Silver chopsticks are actually a relatively delicate material, which is likely to be deformed during the high-temperature disinfection process, and silver chopsticks are prone to oxidation and discoloration at room temperature, so it should be relatively long for disinfection and maintenance. troublesome.

Bamboo chopsticks are actually not suitable for high-temperature disinfection. Bamboo chopsticks do not release harmful substances at high temperatures, but they may deform and crack. Therefore, if bamboo chopsticks are used, then it is recommended to use medium and low temperatures UV rays or ozone for disinfection.

Relatively speaking, the high temperature resistance of stainless steel chopsticks will be much better, and it can withstand high temperatures, so as far as high temperature disinfection at 100 degrees is concerned, stainless steel chopsticks are no problem at all.

Therefore, if you choose from the aspect of disinfection, stainless steel chopsticks are the most convenient and simplest for disinfection. They are more convenient for cleaning and disinfection, and are also suitable for daily use.

Generally speaking, I still recommend you to choose bamboo chopsticks. Although bamboo chopsticks have certain disadvantages in high-temperature disinfection, we can use medium and low temperature ultraviolet rays or ozone to sterilize, but in terms of materials, bamboo chopsticks are relatively It is safe and will not produce any harmful substances, so you can feel more at ease when using it.
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